MAPS Autumn 2021

MAPS begins!

The autumn field season sees the MAPS project get underway in Sweden. Here we have chosen a Haga å, a small stream running through the town of Billdal, Gothenburg, as our main study system for the coming years. Our first task was to construct stationary PIT antennas throughout the system to monitor fish movement. After much trial and error, I am pleased to say there are now three functional antennas covering a wide stretch of the stream with more hopefully to be added in 2022.

With the antennas in place, the next task was to find some fish to follow! Throughout the stream we managed to PIT tag almost 100 juvenile fish that could likely migrate out this following spring. A further 100 younger fish were also caught. After a brief stay at GU’s labs, where they underwent behavioural study by Matilda for her Master’s project, these smaller fish were also tagged and released back into Haga were hopefully we may see them migrate out spring 2023.