Autumn and winter for the NOBROOK project

Progress is being made for the NOBROOK project!

New year for MAPS

A new year for MAPS with lots of exciting work in the pipeline! Plans for a habitat mapping workshop, setting up new stationary antennas and fieldwork in sunny Portugal.

MAPS in Norway

SEG heads North.

MAPS Summer 2022

At the end of May Johan and Madeleine set off to France for a few days to check out a potential stream site for the MAPS project.

NOBROOK Spring 2022

The spring has been a busy time for the NOBROOK project!

SEG April Newsletter

Fieldwork season has begun!

SEG March Newsletter

The SEG is getting ready for spring!

Stationary antennas for MAPS

The antennas are working!

SEG February Newsletter

The SEG is hard at work!

MAPS in Denmark

MAPS goes international!

Denmark is the first stop on the MAPS European tour, seeing us working in the stream Gudsø in the region of Kolding.

NOBROOK Autumn 2021

The initial field work for the NOBROOK project has begun!

This autumn we have started the process of tagging fish in several stream sections in Borås with both allopatric populations with only brown trout and sympatric populations of both brown trout and brook trout.

MAPS Autumn 2021

MAPS begins!

The autumn field season sees the MAPS project get underway in Sweden. Here we have chosen a Haga å, a small stream running through the town of Billdal, Gothenburg, as our main study system for the coming years.