MAPS Summer 2022

At the end of May Johan and Madeleine set off to France for a few days to check out a potential stream site for the MAPS project. They headed to a small brook section of the river Oir in the countryside of Rennes and had the chance to join the team at INRAE during one of their annual monitoring studies. The narrow brook is a very productive spawning area for both brown trout and Atlantic salmon and is regularly surveyed three times a year. SEG return in the autumn to work with them again sampling and PIT tagging some of the juvenile trout.

In June it was time to head over to Northwest Norway for habitat mapping and invertebrate sampling in the system at Beiarn, this data will used in the predictive modelling work for the MAPS project. We also took the chance to visit the lake system at Kjerringöy where we plan to sample and tag fish in September for the work on migratory patterns.

Now, Madeleine is presenting her project plan and preliminary findings with a poster at the International Society of Behavioural Ecology Conference 2022 in Stockholm.