MAPS in Portugal

MAPS heads south!

In September the MAPS project headed to Portugal to join the team from MARE for their annual salmonid sampling.

Electrofishing surveys were carried out in over 20 sites in the Minho and Lima river basins. These regions are particularly interesting for salmonid migration research as they are the southern limit for anadromous salmonids. During the fieldwork all trout, salmon and sea lamprey were caught and measured and salmonids >10cm were PIT tagged. Next spring a smolt trap will be installed in Minho and we can see if any of the tagged individuals migrate out to sea.

At two sites additional behavioural study was carried out. Juvenile trout were scored for boldness and the hope is to see how boldness links to the decision to migrate. This work will go into a larger European effort investigating migration patterns across a latitudinal gradient.

Big thanks to Sara, Carlos, André and Esmeralda for all their help!